Unveiling the Magic of Message Queuing: Our Journey in Film

In the ever-changing world of technology, simplifying complicated ideas can sometimes be a bit challenging. We realized this when we decided to create a non-technical video to explain the concept of message queuing. However, with great teamwork, a touch of creativity, and the power of storytelling, we truly believed that anything was possible. And so, our journey began…

When it comes to message queuing, it’s important to get across the idea that we are constantly surrounded by data, yet we don’t always have to be aware of the mechanisms that ensure a smooth operation behind the scenes. It just works.

In the making of this video, we were determined to do more than explain; we wanted to create an engaging visual experience that would truly highlight the advantages of message queuing. We understand that message queuing offers great value to companies that require scalability, innovation, new beginnings, or enhanced infrastructure knowledge. Our goal is to shine a light on this way of building infrastructure and empower businesses with the knowledge to adapt and meet the expectations of their “non-aware” customers who expect things to work smoothly.

So, where did we begin? We were fortunate to have a compelling use case ready—the Adidas Runtastic app that uses RabbitMQ and message queuing in their workout application. And, when you run, you rarely think about how your data is sorted and handled - you just want your app to work.

This served as the perfect starting point for our film, leading us to the opening sentence of the manuscript: “I bet she doesn’t know—it’s kind of cool that she doesn’t.”

This later turned into the final movie, showing a wide range of use cases. Fortunately, we also have amazing team members who can adjust their schedules to appear as actors in front of the camera! ;)

Watch the result here:

Message Queueing starts with CloudAMQP from 84codes on Vimeo.

If you are sitting there, ready to further explore the realm of message queuing, you can visit our specially curated landing page on CloudAMQP and dive deeper into the magic of message queuing.

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