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84codes is a Swedish tech company driven by the vision that no developer should have to set up or maintain servers. Every day we face and solve new challenges with scaling, implementation, design, and making our customers happy. We’re growing quickly and need great people to help us continue building our amazing services.

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84Codes Servers

Why 84Codes?

84Codes Servers

Since our launch in 2012 we have added thousands of server instances under our management in several different clouds around the world, helping more than 3500+ happy customers in over 60 countries. We have an office in Stockholm, but our entire team is free to work remotely from wherever they choose. Our philosophy is collaboration-focused, customer-oriented, and flexible. We're bootstrapped, fast-growing, and have been profitable since year one.


84Codes Culture

We have an open and flat organizational structure where everyone’s opinion matters. Great work is not done alone - constant collaboration across our entire team is vital for success.

Our team consists of humble, helpful, creative, and friendly people. We genuinely care about each other and that’s how our team-oriented culture is shaped. All of us will walk that extra mile to help a colleague out when needed (“that’s not in my job description” doesn’t apply here). Further, we don’t take pride in titles or fancy dress codes. If you want to work in sweatpants and a cap, just go for it!

Another important thing to know about us is our opposing attitude towards overtime work. We highly believe in work-life balance. It’s equally important to have a meaningful professional life, as a fulfilling private life. Therefore, we won’t let anyone get a non-manageable workload.

84Codes Culture

Core Values

84Codes Core Values

Freedom in Time and Place

We acknowledge that some of us are morning people, some of us are night owls. Some of us prefer to work from an office, while others want to work from the beach. We believe that we will have a more productive and happy team if everyone can work from whenever they want, at hours that suit them the best.

Meaningful and Challenging

We are spending 40 hours per week working, and that time should be fulfilling. So the more that time doesn’t feel like “work” the better. Thus, we make sure to encourage constant development and create an environment where everyone get to work with tasks they find fun and stimulating.

Enjoy the Quality of Life

We are hard-workers who love what we do. But we also understand the importance of relationships with family and friends, and make plenty of time for them.

Care about Others

We are on a constant mission to wow each other and our customers. We take pride in helping others and share information openly and proactively.

How We Work

How we work at 84Codes

A typical day hundreds of messages are sent through our Slack channel, and several commits are made to GitHub. Our new developers deploy code to production in their first day. In regards to code, we write mainly in Ruby. But you have the freedom to learn and develop new features in other coding languages as well. We also welcome new techniques and tools if it fit our needs. Our developers are all becoming experts of distributed architecture designs in the cloud. We are operating thousands of servers in the cloud today, all of them running Linux.

We’re avoiding irrelevant processes, workplace politics, and other hold-ups that keep us from concentrating on doing what we do best. Instead, we look for the simplest and most efficient solutions possible without oversimplifying. Which means that we cut things like unproductive meetings and useless reports. Rather, we’re focusing on what really matters.

And what matters is making our customers happy, along with providing the best hosted solutions available on the market - two things that we’re convinced go hand-in-hand. Driven by our cause, we work persistently with customer experience and product development. As well as helping customers 24/7 with everything from small client side bug issues, to architecture designs, to urgent server issues server side.

Perks & Benefits

Work Where You Want - 84codes

Work Where You Want

We have a remote-first culture. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and everyday communication through Slack.

Learning & Development - 84codes

Learning & Development

We value a team that’s always eager to be better. Want to attend a conference or seminar that interests you? Let us know. We invest in our people to give them a chance to learn and expand their skills.

Flexible Vacation Time - 84codes

Flexible Vacation Time

Rest is healthy and unlocks creativity. Sometimes you need to relax and spend time with friends and family for a while. Just inform others when you are on vacation and come back invigorated.

Awesome Workaways - 84codes

Awesome Workaways

We are a remote team, but we like to come together a couple of times per year and work, hang out and go on adventures together. On previous team trips we have visited the Swedish mountains and archipelago, to mention a few places.

Custom Work Stations - 84codes

Custom Work Stations

You are free to choose your own gear. Windows or MacOS? One or two screens? Four screens, really?! Weird, but no one will judge you. Just decide for yourself and send us the bill.

Wellness Reimbursement - 84codes

Wellness Reimbursement

Like to exercise your muscles as much as your brain? We want our employees to stay energetic. Therefore, we're providing an annual reimbursement that you can use for whatever fitness activity you might like.

Occupational Pension - 84codes

Occupational Pension *

It's never too early to start saving for the future. That’s why we cover our employees with a great retirement plan.

Insurance Cover - 84codes

Insurance Cover *

In the case you get sick or happen to be in an accident, we got you covered through a personal accident insurance, as well as a private health insurance.

*This perk is valid for full-time employees in Sweden. If you happen to be a citizen of another country, we are happy to accommodate this perk so that it suits your country’s laws and regulations.


Stockholm, Sweden

Torsgatan 26
113 21 Stockholm

St. Louis, U.S.

20 S. Sarah St
St. Louis, MO

Queenstown, NZ

6C Gum Lane
9300 Queenstown
New Zealand

Remote, Anywhere

A place with internet
1337, Habitable Planet

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