Linnea and Lovisa shared 84codes’ story of success at a breakfast meeting

It’s not just luck that 84codes is one of Europe’s most profitable companies today. Thoughtful decisions at the right time and genuine care for employees and customers have been some of the 84codes’ keys to success.

No success stories are alike, but they all have certain things in common. Building a company from scratch always involves hard work and a genuine belief that someday it will pay off. 

The news site Breakit, along with the global network for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, invited 84codes to share some of our experience and knowledge we have gained in our years in business. Lovisa and Linnea gave a brief retrospective of the company since its start in 2012, pointing out some crucial milestones, and giving some pieces of advice to companies considering an expansion internationally:

  • Make sure you have the ability to scale up as the company grows
  • Grow slow and steady and take time to adapt to a larger costume
  • Prioritize company culture
  • Be picky with who you hire and surround yourself with great people
  • Listen to your customers and turn feedback into opportunities for improvement

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