CloudAMQP team sums up the RabbitMQ Summit

What’s not to like about an event that gathers the RabbitMQ community? Well-managed and relaxed, this year’s RabbitMQ Summit had something for every level of user. Here’s a recap of the CloudAMQP team’s trip to CodeNode London. 

Oh boy, what a week! Or should we say “what a year”? Our preparations for the RabbitMQ Summit have been going on for a long time, finally leading up to September 16. CodeNode’s spacious and modern premises are just the right fit for an event like this, offering well-equipped auditoriums for presentations. As a platinum sponsor, CloudAMQP is proud to play a part in making this event a reality. We think it’s important to gather the community and feel that everyone can really benefit from learning from one another.

CloudAMQP held three talks, including one by our CEO, Carl Hörberg, on writing fast, reliable and secure clients. Lovisa Johansson’s talk focused on fun and interesting RabbitMQ use cases, while Johan Rhodin talked about why RabbitMQ stops and what can be done about it. This mix of topics was just right for us and made for our team an interesting set of talks. We are also thankful for everyone coming by our booth to talk to us and participate in our giveaway contest. Interacting in person is something we’ve missed dearly during the pandemic.

We couldn’t write a blog post about London without mentioning Queen Elizabeth’s passing, procession, and funeral. The whole country was grieving, which did not escape anyone. Although unfortunate circumstances, we felt honored to be present during such a historical event. 

The CloudAMQP team will now evaluate our contribution to the Summit, ensuring we stay on top of our game for upcoming events. We hope to see you again next year for more interesting talks, discussions, and chances to learn from each other.

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