Carl one of the finalists in Årets Kristallhjärta

Carl Hörberg, the CEO of 84codes, has attracted attention this fall due to numerous prestigious award nominations. He is now officially a finalist for the Årets Kristallhjärta award, which is presented by Edlund & Partners.

We’re pleased to announce that Carl Hörberg, from our team at 84codes, is once again nominated for an award recognizing his leadership. This time, the nomination is from Edlund & Partners, which aims to spotlight entrepreneurs and businessmen of “the new era”. These individuals are important to their employees, customers, company, and community.

What defines entrepreneurs of “the new era” is their embodiment of the elements of HARMONY - Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. The Crystal Heart serves as the symbol of these elements. Hence, Edlund & Partners’ “Årets Kristallhjärta” award is given to entrepreneurs who best meet these criteria.

– It’s truly an honor to be recognized for my leadership style, which is rooted in trust towards my employees. I firmly believe in the reciprocal nature of respect and trust in the workplace, especially when working with skilled professionals who possess an inherent drive to contribute and grow.

In the wake of the pandemic, many companies are insisting on a return to the office. However, given the advances in technology, remote work and communication have become increasingly effective. It’s surprising that more companies have not embraced this shift. The value created by employees is not tied to a specific location.

The nomination for the Årets Kristallhjärta, a Norrland-based award, is particularly gratifying. It aligns with my long-held belief that successful businesses can thrive anywhere in Sweden, not just in Stockholm. This nomination is a testament to that belief, said Carl Hörberg.

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