Stockholm Workaway

Wrapping up 2019

For a couple of days in December, the 84codes team gathered in Stockholm to wrap up 2019. Since we’re a remote team, these get-togethers mean a lot to us - and all the time spent together counts as quality time.

During 2019, we have raised the bar on security by focusing a lot on SOC2, meaning that we will keep having security as a priority topic in every aspect of our work. As we gathered to wrap up the year, the whole team was brought up to date on how we will work to keep security on the top of the list.

Another major task that we pulled off during 2019 was the second RabbitMQ Summit last November in London. During our year-end wrap, discussions were held on how we want to proceed. I can’t tell you too much, but you should expect some exciting news soon!

Working on the RabbitMQ Summit made us realize that we have a lot of valuable insights into the open-source and message queuing world. For this reason, we plan to host a meet-up in Stockholm this February to discuss both RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka from a user’s perspective since we host them both (and see a lot of questions from both communities asking when to use RabbitMQ and when to use Apache Kafka). So for those of you that are interested, save the date February 11, 2020, in Stockholm and keep an eye for more information on our website.

Stockholm 2019

Our small but efficient teams also got time to do some deep-dives into their specific processes, sitting side by side for once, and we also got to spend a nice evening together enjoying a Christmas dinner and then competing in an on-air game show. I don’t know how this happened but we seem to be a competitive team so this kind of activity suits us well.

Stockholm 2019

We also had a photographer taking nice profile pictures of us, so a much-needed update regarding that on the website can also be expected.

Stockholm 2019

When we’re working from all over the globe, it’s not always possible for everyone to join our work-aways, although we still aim to have most of us in the loop as often as we can. Sometimes this is a struggle due to the different time zones, but luckily, we’re also a highly flexible team! We got everyone involved in one way or another and, even though they were not with us physically, we could feel the love all the way from NZ, Bali and the USA. <3

Now we’re off to celebrate Christmas holidays with family and friends, but before that, a couple of us are meeting up in Skellefteå to practice our rhetoric skills with a pro. So expect some spectacular performances from us in the future ;)

All the best

/Elin Vinka and the whole 84codes team

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