Microservices and Messagequeues on the UMEDEV conference

Recap from the lunch conference UMEDEV in May 2020

It’s always a good time to talk about new technology! Microservice architecture and Message Queuing allow developers to build scalable applications fast and easy. Our team member Lovisa Johansson spoke at the UMEDEV tech conference to reveal some truths about Microservices and Message Queuing for the audience.

In these unusual times, people are more interested in the topic of microservice architecture than ever before. We have a lot more views on our blog posts, our documentation, and our ebooks, and the community is more active. There is an increase in questions from both beginners and experienced RabbitMQ developers. This could be taken as a sign that companies are starting to look for new technologies to create solutions for reliability and scalability challenges.

In line with this, Lovisa Johansson spoke at the Swedish tech-conference UMEDEV, a one-day online lunch conference that gathered IT-companies from the north of Sweden. The focus of the conference is to share experiences and knowledge from a wide spectrum of perspectives within the industry.


Lovisa gave a presentation on Microservices and Message Queuing, inviting the audience to take part in the basics of microservice architectures that rely on message queuing and experience the benefits this type of architecture provides when it comes to reliability and scalability.

Since day one we at 84codes are helping developers with their microservice architecture. We provide services at the core of this setup so they can focus on what they do best: build applications instead of systems. And with the experience of running 100,000+ instances we are familiar with what works, and consequently, what doesn’t work. There is no surprise that our own architecture is built upon the same services that we offer. In a sense: we are our own customers and keep improving our products based on user requirements, society, and our own needs.

UMEDEV presentation

The live UMEDEV session attracted around 80 participants from various companies in the north of Sweden and the Q&A session after the talk revealed an eager interest to learn more.

We are very happy to have been invited to UMEDEV and are looking forward to attending more conferences.

If you want to learn more about what Microservices/Message Queuing is or how it can be used, we recommend the following blog posts:



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