84codes cherishes team spirit and company culture

New recruitment makes room for important personnel care activities

A company where all employees work remotely requires a particular approach regarding team spirit and company culture. 84codes recently demonstrated how much it cherishes these things by hiring Ebba Stenlycke.

Keeping a team together can be challenging enough even when all employees gather in one place. When the team is scattered around the globe, it can look impossible for some companies. However, 84codes was, from the start, a company that welcomed talent from all over the world, and had the commitment to keep its employees. The freedom to choose working hours and their location, plus the possibility to play a part in tailoring the employment based on personal wishes, are a few examples of how 84codes puts its employees first. When you work for 84codes, you’re asked, “What do you need to do your job in the most effective way?” rather than being told, “This is how we want you to do your job.”

Since the team has grown, so has also the need to concentrate more effort on the company culture. 

– We have recently hired Ebba Stenlycke as an HR administrator to make room for it. We truly believe in healthy, motivated, and happy coworkers, and the 84codes spirit of teamwork is something we are very proud of. It shines through in all we do, said the COO of 84codes, Linnea Johansson. 

Among other things, Ebba’s tasks will include planning workaways, organizing digital after works, creating contests, and other essential personnel care activities.

– After working remotely for four months, I finally got to meet almost the entire 84codes team in late September. It was my first workaway, in both planning and attending. The outcome was much more than I had hoped for, which only excited me even more about digging into planning the next one, Ebba said. 

84codes wants to welcome Ebba to the team, and we truly look forward to future gatherings!

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