Åre workaway 2022 gathered 84codes coworkers from three continents

A long-awaited meetup after two years of travel restrictions due to Covid-19

When 84codes has a workaway, it usually means travel and for some, it takes longer than others to join the group. At the latest event in Åre, we were joined by three co-workers that flew in from quite a distance including New Zealand and the United States! In fact, this was US-based Chad Knutson’s first time in Europe.

Old and new faces, long-awaited meetings, hugs, conversations, laughs, and good food. The Åre workaway gathered a record number of 24 participants, some of whom had never met before. Due to Covid-19, large events and meetings have been on pause for two years. Needless to say, there was a lot of catching up that needed to be done. Staying together at the lovely Lodge 56 in Åre really contributed to the feeling of being in a home away from home, and there was plenty of time to sit down, have coffee and enjoy the company.

Johan Rhodin and Chad Knutson joined the group, coming all the way from the US, and so did Johannes Nordangård, who flew in from New Zealand. It was a happy reunion with Johannes and Johan and an opportunity to meet Chad in person for the first time. It was also the first time some of our colleagues tried skating and cross-country skiing as well as uphill and downhill. Also, Manges’ killer workout session doesn’t pause just because we are on a workaway, and we discovered muscles we didn’t know existed.

And the food! Many in the group are foodies and home cooks. We hired a chef who came to the house to cook for two nights and we all enjoyed the fantastic food with a touch of the North of Sweden. Chad Knutson got to try reindeer, also a first for him, and he seemed to enjoy it!

Johannes Nordangård and Johan Rhodin made various tasty pies for dinner one night, and Petter Mildh and Anders Bälter invited us to a much-appreciated Mexican fiesta. Linnea Johansson and Lovisa Johanssons’ shrimp pasta were absolute yum! No need to starve when you are with 84codes!

All in all, it was a well-planned, fantastic week with the second family most of us really needed.

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