Why does "bls*84codes.com" show up on my bank statement?

84codes receipt/invoice

Your bank statement may show bls*84codes.com or bls 84codes. This means you have purchased some of our services:

Card payments for our services are handled by our payment processor BlueSnap (hence bls*).

We send additional information to our payment processor, to indicate what service each transaction is for. This information is sometimes stripped away. That’s because our payment processor works with many different banks to process payments, and they in turn are responsible for how the payments appear on your statements.

Where can I find my invoices / receipts?

Sign in to the service in question and nagivate to the billing section. Here you will see a list of your latest invoices with the option to export it as CSV or PDF. You can also add a billing e-mail address to make sure you get future receipts delivered straight to your inbox.

Quicklinks to the Billing-page for: CloudAMQP, CloudKarafka, ElephantSQL, CloudMQTT

84codes receipt/invoice

What payment options do you provide?

Once signed in you can choose between the following means of payment:

  • Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club)
  • Pre-paid. If you’d like to avoid lots of small transactions, then prepayment is for you. A prepayment can be made for one to several months in advance.
  • Invoice/transfer. Please email support if you require invoicing.

The invoice for the past month is generated in the beginning of each month, and you are only charged for the time an instance has been available to you. As soon as you delete the instance you won’t be charged for it anymore.

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