Next chapter for 84codes

Increased focus on CloudAMQP and LavinMQ

84codes has been around for a long time, hosting our first open-source product back in 2012. Our goal from the start has been to provide developers with tools to successfully adopt a more efficient way for intersystem communication, freeing up both resources and fostering developer creativity. A goal that we now, more than ten years later, take pride in the success of achieving.

As the industry landscape has transitioned and companies have adopted this mindset, we can sharpen our focus even further: our aim is to deliver the best tool available for Message Queuing and Message Streaming through CloudAMQP. This has led us to make the strategic decision to concentrate all of our efforts on CloudAMQP, as the obvious and best choice.

84codes team

Accelerating with the speed of LavinMQ & RabbitMQ

Throughout the years, we’ve assisted and supported numerous companies and customers. What we’ve learned is that a majority of their wishes and requirements can be addressed with the techniques that we offer. With the launch of RabbitMQ Streams, along with the ability to replay and persist messages, our services provide a solution for nearly every use case we’ve encountered. An insight that inspires us to take CloudAMQP to the next level.

With the launch of LavinMQ, our in-house developed open-source AMQP server, we’ve taken the best parts from RabbitMQ’s while adding greater resource efficiency and reliability. We are now able to build features such as a true cloud-native experience at a much faster pace. So far we’ve received fantastic feedback.

With the 84codes team being bigger and better than ever, and all of us focusing on CloudAMQP, we remain committed to delivering top-class message queuing and streaming solutions. Stay tuned for more exciting developments to come.

84codes team 84codes are regrouping and focusing all our efforts on what has become the most complete Message Queuing and Message Streaming solution available; CloudAMQP.

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