Grow, learn, dream, move...and work?

Interview with Linnea Johansson, COO of 84codes, who includes work along with her lifestyle

When Linnea Johansson was interviewing for an open position at 84codes back in 2017, she was on the finish line to completing her M. Sc. in Business and Economics at Umeå University and had just recently returned from a semester abroad. The alternative was to go back to her Umeå-based studying and to the office job she had at a company working 9-5. A life that, at that very moment, felt way too stationary.

Linnea chose to follow her journey down another path; not only together with the growing IT company 84codes but with herself and her preconception on how work and life must be intertwined. “The remote approach and the excitement of being part of a company on the rise and becoming part of the team at an early stage was the main reason to choose 84codes back then,’’ Linnea says.

Linnea and colleagues

Four years later, Linnea realized that “growing up and getting a job” actually became the springboard for so many other things in life that she thought only were meant to fit into tight vacation gaps that employees have to adapt to.

“I realized that I don’t like for all of my days to look the same. There is too much food to taste, too many beaches that haven’t been explored, and too much powder snow waiting for me to ride. For me, freedom in time and place means that I don’t have to choose anything right now, I can choose everything.“

Linnea and the mountain

If I asked Linnea to count all the trips she’s done with her computer under her arm, long and short, including all various workplaces that she had during these years, we would have a never-ending story. But it’s fair to say that Umeå, which was considered as a home base, has now been replaced with other safe spots. “Now, home base is where friends and family are, where the season offers adventure, or where inner peace is found,” Linnea says and mentions that Åre, Hemavan, and Stockholm have been frequently visited, proving her point.

Linnea traveling

During her years at 84codes, she has developed a newfound interest in both kitesurfing and downhill biking.

“Exploring simply did not end with a full-time job, it kind of started,” says Linnea.

Her deep interest in skiing is now bringing her to Switzerland for a couple of months, another of her “I want to do that when I can” trips, and of course, her job as COO follows her. Becoming the team lead of HR, economics, legal and compliance for a growing company has just grown hand in hand with everything else.

And growth is a significant part of the 84codes employment. Linnea says. “As we grew as a company, so did the needs for the people within it. A “role” 4 years ago does not look the same today. So we really get the opportunity to learn while we’re doing our hours.”


And there’s no indication that the company is headed in another direction. Linnea says that 84codes offers its employees challenging tasks and support when needed. “This is a benefit that I personally feel encourages me to grow within the company but also within my role and within the sphere of my personal interest which I really appreciate.”

So, stationary work does not suit her, but the remote lifestyle often means not meeting or seeing colleagues, sometimes for months. When I asked if it gets lonely, Linnea says, “I have all the possibilities to go to the office or visit colleagues if I feel eager to, but I also get to meet a lot of people doing what I love. And the workaways (84codes in-person meetups) are always a good place to refuel the energy of coworkers.


When I ask Linnea about the future she says, “Today, I have a hard time seeing that I would ever want to truly slow down and take root, but the need for a more solid home base will most probably be of importance in the future. This has become my lifestyle and I can’t imagine myself living any other way.”

/Elin & the 84codes team

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