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Legal and Compliance Counsel

Legal and Compliance Counsel

Would you like to be a part of a small but mighty team with an incredible growth record, where you will have a big impact on the business? Then you've reached the right spot!

Remote, On-boarding in Stockholm

Who you Are

We’re looking for friendly people who are self-motivated and willing to learn. You are used to project management and coordination. To thrive in this role, you have a “can-do” attitude and are a person who is flexible, service-oriented and takes your own initiatives and appreciates working both operationally and strategically.

You probably have 1-2 years experience working at a law firm (or similar) and now want to learn more about the tech industry and IT security - and how those areas can be intertwined with legal and compliance obligations.

As a person, you are aware of goals and quality standards in your work, and confident in acting according to decisions made. We see that you are unpretentious and have a good ability to prioritize, communicate and structure your work.

Further, since we work remotely, you will be given a lot of freedom. That, of course, comes with a responsibility to making sure that you’re doing things that are valuable.

What you’ll do

You will be responsible for legal and compliance, and make sure that we comply with standards and regulations. You will examine our security and compliance efforts from a holistic view, including implementation and requirement specifications.

All of the above will of course be done with the help and support of the rest of the team. Furthermore, this is a position with great opportunities for the right person, and we encourage all employees to shape their own roles (we highly believe in intrapreneurship). Therefore, you will have the autonomy to decide how your own role and tasks develop within your area of responsibility.

You will work towards the entire organization, and be part of the Operations team.

You will oversee the legal aspects of our business. You will safeguard our reputation by guaranteeing that the company strictly follows the law and give legal advice to management about all relevant issues.

Tasks include:
  • Handle agreement negotiations with our customers (in collaboration with our sales team) and suppliers.
  • Research and evaluate different risk factors regarding business decisions and operations.
  • Draft and solidify agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure the company’s full legal rights.
  • Provide clarification on legal language or specifications to everyone in the organization.
  • Help ensure that we have an ethical supply-chain.
  • Help out with filling out security related documentation requested by our customers, e.g. security questionnaires.
  • Conduct internal audits of the business.


You will be responsible for the company’s compliance against GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA (and other frameworks if it becomes applicable). You will identify, evaluate and counter compliance risks, as well as continuously monitor and carry out compliance activities in our operations. You will be responsible for documentation, policies, and processes linked to Compliance.

Tasks include:
  • Identify what is needed for compliance with various laws, regulations, and certifications applicable to our business, and take a leading role in implementing what’s needed for compliance.
  • Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends, and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on organizational processes.
  • Uphold our compliance with SOC2, GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Write documentation for our systems in accordance with the requirements of various laws, regulations, and certifications.
  • Be responsible for and conduct overall risk management activities: identifying, assessing, and controlling security threats and data-related risks. As well as anticipating new threats and actively working to prevent them from happening.
  • Examine and develop our Information Security Program, which is our governing program including procedures and policies designed to protect our systems and assets from security threats.
  • Be the project manager of our compliance audits.
  • Be a key member of our Compliance & Security Committee.
  • Be responsible for reviewing and reporting internal procedures regarding the handling of personal data etc.
  • Provide employee training on compliance related topics, policies, and procedures.
  • Answer questions from customers regarding compliance and help the sales team with questions regarding legal and compliance when negotiating customer contracts.

What we do

84codes is a Swedish tech company founded in 2012, dedicated to simplifying cloud infrastructure for developers. We provide a set of high quality cloud-hosted open source services: CloudAMQP, CloudKarafka, ElephantSQL, and CloudMQTT. By doing so, we are helping thousands of companies to build distributed systems that process millions of messages per second and to build IoT services that have millions of devices pushing sensor data over the Internet. But above all, we help developers to focus on building new applications and not having to spend time on managing their specialized servers.

Currently, we’re running many thousands of servers, in several different clouds around the world, helping more than 3500 happy customers in over 60 countries. Our customers span from startups like to large Fortune 500 enterprises. Visit our website to learn more about us.

Visit to learn more

Who we are

Our team consists of 26 humble, helpful, creative, and friendly people. We genuinely care about one another and that is how our team-oriented culture is shaped. We have an open and flat organizational structure where everyone’s opinion matters. Our philosophy is collaboration-focused, customer-oriented, and flexible. We're bootstrapped, fast-growing, and have been profitable since year one. We have some offices spread out around the globe, but the entire team is free to work remotely from wherever they choose.

Psst... Meet your future team members by checking out "About" or head over to the "News" to see what it's like to be part of the team.

About - Meet the 84codes team News - Working at 84codes

What we offer

You would be part of a small team in a startup with an incredible growth record, which means that you will be a big part of shaping the company’s future. We are all about offering our employees freedom over their own time. Which means that all employees are totally in charge of their own schedule. You’re free to work from wherever you want at the times that suit you best. We trust our employees that they're engaged and are enjoying their work they're performing so no babysitting is needed.

Work Where You Want - 84codes

Work Where You Want

We have a remote-first culture. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and everyday communication through Slack.

Learning & Development - 84codes

Learning & Development

We value a team that’s always eager to be better. Want to attend a conference or seminar that interests you? Let us know. We invest in our people to give them a chance to learn and expand their skills.

Flexible Vacation Time - 84codes

Flexible Vacation Time

Rest is healthy and unlocks creativity. Sometimes you need to relax and spend time with friends and family for a while. Just inform others when you are on vacation and come back invigorated.

Awesome Workaways - 84codes

Awesome Workaways

We are a remote team, but we like to come together a couple of times per year and work, hang out and go on adventures together. On previous team trips we have visited the Swedish mountains and archipelago, to mention a few places.

Custom Work Stations - 84codes

Custom Work Stations

You are free to choose your own gear. Windows or MacOS? One or two screens? Four screens, really?! Weird, but no one will judge you. Just decide for yourself and send us the bill.

Wellness Reimbursement - 84codes

Wellness Reimbursement

Like to exercise your muscles as much as your brain? We want our employees to stay energetic. Therefore, we're providing an annual reimbursement that you can use for whatever fitness activity you might like.

Occupational Pension - 84codes

Occupational Pension *

It's never too early to start saving for the future. That’s why we cover our employees with a great retirement plan.

Insurance Cover - 84codes

Insurance Cover *

In the case you get sick or happen to be in an accident, we got you covered through a personal accident insurance, as well as a private health insurance.

*This perk is valid for full-time employees in Sweden. If you happen to be a citizen of another country, we are happy to accommodate this perk so that it suits your country’s laws and regulations.

General Information

Starting Date We are flexible regarding the starting date.
Salary Depends on the candidates background and experience.
Location Our team works remotely, which means that you can work from anywhere you want (our day-to-day communication are held through Slack). However, if it’s possible, we will try to accommodate your onboarding so it will be held in a non-digital setting.
Application Deadline We have no deadline for the application since we are flexible regarding the starting date.
Contact Feel free to send an email to if you have any questions.

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